wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2020

1:72 / 20 mm pulp Muslim Natives - part 2: Italieri, RedBox, Waterloo

Today I would like to present my Muslim Natives - part 2. This time, shooters armed with firearms, mainly muzzleloading black powder muskets (as black powder was widely produced locally).
Dzisiaj chciałbym przedstawić Muzułmańskich tubylców - część druga. Tym razem strzelców, uzbrojonych w broń palną, głównie czarnoprochową broń odprzodową typu muszkiety (jako że czarny proch był powszechnie produkowany miejscowo).

I used the following sets:
Użyłem następujących zestawów:

ESCI/Italieri Muslim Warriors

I've already shown how I converted these figurines using soldering iron.
Pokazałem już wcześniej, jak skonwertowałem te figurki przy użyciu lutownicy.

RedBox Afghan Warriors Set 72004

Guns were valued not only for their bullets but the psychological effect of their noise and smoke."
when Stanley sailed down the Congo in 1876, the first clue that he was approaching the Atlantic and ‘civilization’ came when the Bangala opened fire on him with muskets instead of the spears and arrows which he had encountered so far. All these weapons were smoothbore muzzle-loaders of the type which had equipped the armies of Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Many of them were army surplus pieces which may well have seen service at Waterloo, though others were manufactured specifically for the African market.
The second half of the nineteenth century saw an unprecedented revolution in small arms technology. Before 1850 European armies still relied on the single-shot, smoothbore muzzle-loading muskets which had served them for 300 years. After 1900 the latest development, the magazine-fed repeating rifle, remained in front-line service for another half-century. But between those two dates the armies of the industrially developed powers adopted and discarded with bewildering speed a succession of improved weapons, each of which promised a decisive advantage over those it replaced.
Each stage in this progression saw European and American armies discard hundreds of thousands of obsolete weapons, many of which found their way to Africa.


Hope I hit the jackpot with them! Until next time!
Mam nadzieję, że utrafiłem w Wasz gust! Do następnego razu!

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