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Random soundtrack playlist as a way to decide initiative / turn order & game clock

I am preparing big several players pulp WWW2 game. I need the way to set randomly initiative (turn order of players) and to limit time of their moves. Usually I used cards (with all possible actions written, so to help novice players), but wanted something fresh.

And I had illumination.

Why not use random soundtrack playlist as a way to both limit time of players phase (turn) and deciding who will go next?

How it works?

In my pulp game (March 1941, western rural Iran, "strange asteroid" fall at ancient ruins which was observed by several nations) there will be several factions: Iranians, Soviets, British, Germans/Turkish joint expedition, French Foreign Legion (from Syria), US Paras (with airship), independent treasure hunters (Indiana Jones & co) and camouflaged Predator. As well as NPC natives and fauna. And many surprises.

I set 2 and half minutes for each players phase. NPC Natives tribes get 3 minutes (to let me, as a gamemaster, clear table). Predator get two phases, albeit shorter ones. Germans (best leadership) get two phases, albeit German player must decide to skip one of these phases (his choice).

Look for soundtracks (of comparable length).

Build YouTube playlist.

Since You cannot randomize YouTube playlist, go to RandomTube. It is a great site, allows You to reshuffle easily.

This is an outcome:


I suppose such solution could work for conventions separate gamerooms...

I couldn't find such thing done before.... so maybe I am first? Nihil novi sub sole?

Do You know any rules describing such solution?

What do You think?

Discusion at TMP

Dyskusja na Strategie.net.pl

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